Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Baby Tag Blanket

I've officially created my first handmade project for the baby.  It's my goal to have as many handmade items as possible, and I figured an easy place to start was a little taggie blanket.  I may end up making a few more of these in different patterns and sizes.  This first one I made has woodland animals on it which is how I want to decorate the nursery theme. 

Here's what you'll need:

Two 13x13 squares of fabric (I chose a cotton and a soft fabric for a contrast, and you can make your blanket any size you want -- this is just the size I chose)
Ribbon (I chose assorted colors, widths, and textures.  Some are satin, some are grosgrain.)
Sewing machine with coordinating thread color
Straight pins


Lay one of your pieces of fabric right side up on the table.  Take your ribbon and cut a few inches of it off and make it into a "loop" by folding the top and bottom of the ribbon in half so it looks like a tag.  I chose to cut my ribbon in different lengths to give the blanket some variety (as you can see in the picture above.)  Place your tag/looped ribbon on the edge of the fabric with the loop facing inward and pin the ribbon in place.  Repeat this process until you have ribbon laying all the way around all four edges of your fabric.  You can make your tags as close together or far apart as you wish.  I didn't measure the space between -- I just eyeballed were I thought it looked good.  You'll want to make sure your place the straight pins up and down like in the picture below so that they'll be easier to pull out after you've sewn the blanket together:

Once all of your ribbon is pinned in place, lay the other piece of fabric, right side facing down, onto the ribbon and fabric piece you've been working on.  Pin the pieces of fabric down to hold them in place together:

Once the pieces have been pinned together, sew a straight stitch around the edges.  I did a back-stitch around ever ribbon as well so that they were sewn over three times total.  I wanted to make sure they were very securely sewn in so that no amount of tugging could cause them to come out.  Don't sew completely around every edge though -- you need to leave about a three to four inch gap at the very end so that you can turn your project inside out so that the printed fabric and tags are on the outside, where they belong:

(Thank you to my mom for holding the project so that I could take a picture of it!)  Once the fabric has been entirely pushed through the opening, you can sew up the hole the rest of the way either by hand or on the sewing machine.  Once that last bit has been sewn up, you're done!  You've got yourself a baby tag blanket!